About the Firm

For over sixty years, Bronstein Van Veen has been regarded as one of New York’s preeminent family law practices and now has joined with a new team to become Rottenstreich Farley Bronstein LLP (“RFB”).

Founded by Eli Bronstein and Henry Van Veen in 1947, the firm litigated a seminal case in international matrimonial law to the Court of Appeals in the early 1950s. Thereafter, the firm’s reputation for experience in that area grew. Peter Bronstein joined the firm in 1968 and has been a leader at the New York matrimonial bar for over forty-five years.

Wanting to continue the tradition, Peter, Eric Buckley and Meredith Strauss, who had worked closely with Dan Rottenstreich and John Farley in trying the largest matrimonial case ever tried in New York, thought that the ideal way to preserve the culture and traditions of the firm would be to join forces with Dan and John to form the current firm which can serve clients well into the 21st century.

The new firm’s culture, like the original Bronstein firm, will be built around the principle that being effective courtroom litigators is the best assurance that a good settlement will be reached—whether the case is mediated, negotiated or tried to conclusion. This approach has proven successful in custody as well as financial cases.

RFB has the staff, experience, and expertise to handle all types of cases involving issues between family members, no matter how complex, and related commercial litigation and custody cases as well.